One of our team, Jane, shares her wood flooring design tips for your luxury home.

Choose your flooring first

It’s a key part of the room and colour scheme and may affect how paint and wallpaper colours appear. Creating a mood board will help to set your ideas.

Wood flooring is an investment

Whether that’s the amount of money you’ve spent, the time and effort of having it fitted or even the value it can add to your home life and property’s value. Choosing engineered wood flooring gives you lots of options on cost, style and longevity of use. Our Valletta shown below is smoked to enhance the colour of the grain.

Cool grey styles

Cool grey engineered wood flooring offers a fresh twist on the traditional yellows of natural oak or pine, perfect for achieving that sought-after Nordic image. My favourite for this is our Courchevel flooring. Not only has it got those perfect grey hues but it is fully sealed using low gloss Bona Natural Finish Lacquer for exceptional longevity and easy maintenance.

Open spaces

Wide open spaces in our homes create more space and some of our floorings can be specially ordered up to 400mm widths. Using wide planks means you can seamlessly fill a space, create patterns or even mix styles. Uluwatu Herringbone is one of my favourite examples of how the flooring makes the space!

If you’ve got a special flooring project coming up, feel free to contact us for a chat and don’t forget we offer free samples on all our flooring!

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