Oaksmith Flooring Ltd


Should I install OakSmith flooring myself?

Oaksmith Flooring should always be installed by an experienced wood flooring installer, strictly following the advice given in the installation guide


Where is Oaksmith flooring based

Our store can be found in the heart of Burscough industrial estate, Merlin Park. Oaksmtith flooring sufficiently caters to and is easily accessible for the people of Burscough and Ormskirk, cementing Oaksmith flooring as the leading luxury Burscough and Ormskirk flooring company. Here is our full address: Unit 705, Merlin Business Park, Ringtail Rd, Burscough, Ormskirk L40 8JY

How should I care for my Wood Floor?

Once your floor has been professionally installed you want to keep it looking its best. Please follow link to our care and maintenance guide https://www.oaksmithflooring.co.uk/maintenance/

Can I purchase OakSmith Flooring online?

All flooring can be purchased via the contact us details or through the website. We pride ourselves on finding the correct floor for your project, we would love to speak with you.

What are the different textures and surfaces available?


Giving a sophisticated modern look and feel, wire brushed hardwood floors are also known as ‘etched’ or ‘distressed’. The texture can be tailored to individual requirements and is achieved by brushing the wood with steel bristles. This opens the grain, removes the softer surface of the plank to reveal a sub-layer of hard wood. The resulting effect accentuates the contrast in colour and enhanced definition of each plank. This hardwearing flooring is ideal for areas with high traffic.


Staining is the traditional method of enhancing the surface colour of the wood to create depth and tone.


Also known as fuming which is to and reactive process. Fumed oak is exposed to ammonia which reacts with the natural tannins in the wood, we only use European Oak for our lamella top, because of the high tannin content which brings out a more intense natural colour.

What is Reactive Staining?

Our proprietary reactive technologies encompass the art of creating and enhancing colour from within the wood itself. The wood is treated with metal salts, which react with the natural tannins and cellulose to replicate the oxidization and maturing process of naturally aged wood. The result is a unique, in-grained ‘aged’ timber render that cannot be duplicated with traditional staining methods.

Why do we use Hevea Core?

Benefits of Hevea Core:

Hevea Brasiliensis is a plantation hardwood timber that shares the same high density and strength as White Oak which is native to the US. It is, therefore, an excellent, environmentally sound substitute for Oak and other slow-growing hardwood species.
We use Hevea Brasiliensis to create the core of our flooring because it provides greater dimensional stability and can withstand external pressure (such as temperature, moisture, and air) to change.
This ensures that the all-important core in our multi-layer engineered floors is stronger and more reliable than other species which are found in cheaper products.

Can I fit my floor before works are completed?

Floor installation should always be the last thing competed of your project.
Wooden floors will naturally expand and contract so an expansion gap in created when as installation is underway.

How should I prepare my floors for arrival?

The floorboards will need at least 48 hours to acclimatise to the temperature of the room where they will be installed. Do NOT open the packs until the day of installation to avoid moisture affecting the floorboards.
The packs of engineered hardwood flooring must be stored indoors out of direct sunlight in a dry, cool environment at least 20cm/8” off the ground.
Packs must be kept completely flat and well supported with an ambient room temperature of 18°–25°C/64°-75°F. Please see installation guide for further details https://www.oaksmithflooring.co.uk/installation/

Are OakSmith Floors suitable for underfloor heating?

Prior to installation, ensure the underfloor heating system has been thoroughly tested. For new heating systems, they should be tested for 2 weeks prior to the floor installation, this allows for any excess moisture to evaporate before installation of engineered floor.
Engineered flooring can be used with underfloor heating only under specific and specialised conditions. Both electrical and Hydronic underfloor heating systems can be used. However, certain parameters must be established prior to installation and while running the heating system. Please see our installation guide for instructions https://www.oaksmithflooring.co.uk/installation/