Rubber tree plantation. Rowes of rubber trees in tropical woodland.

Pressure pushing down on me, pushing down on you, no matter what?

No problem with our Hevea Core!

Due to the even growth rings and hardwood density close to that of the oak top layer, our Hevea Core is the perfect partner for our French/German oak top layer.

Our cross-laminated 3-layer construction allows our flooring to react to external changes in humidity and temperature in an even and controlled manner.

Our floors are less likely than traditional solid timber flooring and other versions of engineered flooring, to expand, contract, or move when exposed to moisture, humidity, or temperature extremes.

You want your floor to not only look beautiful but last the distance, take the steps, and welcome everyone into your home – our Hevea Core means the floor is stable across each area and allows us to deliver up to an incredible 400mm* wide planks. Favoured by some of the top interior designers, architects, and homeowners across the country and beyond.

But what is Hevea Core? Apart from being the heart of all our floors, our plantation-grown Hevea is a tropical-grown hardwood timber known for its density and durability. Hevea is a renewable plantation hardwood species so it’s also planet friendly, which we know is important to all our customers, so approximately 70% of all our flooring is plantation grown. Aligned with this are our French/German oak top layers which are independently verified as legally and responsibly sourced.

So whether you are an architect, interior designer, or a discerning homeowner, our flooring with its unique core is the one for you.

Taking the pressure away one step at a time.

For information on any of our products or if you’d like a friendly chat about a project you have, then please do get in touch.

*factory order

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