Dark Oak Flooring

Introducing Oaksmith’s dark oak flooring, where sophistication meets richness. Our meticulously crafted dark oak exudes timeless elegance, adding a touch of luxury to your living spaces. With a deep, opulent hue, this flooring option creates a dramatic foundation for any room. 

Blending traditional charm with contemporary style, our dark oak flooring will elevate your home with its enduring beauty and durability. Explore Oaksmith’s dark oak flooring collection and redefine your spaces with the captivating allure of dark oak.


Dark oak flooring refers to wood flooring with a deep and rich-toned finish, typically featuring shades of dark brown. It offers a luxurious and sophisticated aesthetic for various interior designs.

Dark oak flooring can be used in small rooms, but it’s important to balance it with lighter-coloured furnishings and adequate lighting to prevent the space from feeling too enclosed.

Dark oak flooring has a reputation for showing scratches more prominently than lighter woods. However, Oaksmith dark oak flooring provides a durable finish that will give you many years of scratch-free enjoyment as long as you care for it properly. We recommend using area rugs, runners and felt furniture pads to minimise the risk of visible scratches.

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