Oak Flooring

Oak flooring is a classic choice that never goes out of fashion. It’s strong, durable and stylish, making it an aesthetically pleasing yet functional option for all corners of your home. Our engineered oak flooring comes in a wide range of beautiful, distinctive designs; each of which comes with its own charm and character.

We offer a wide variety of styles and finishes, so you can find the perfect oak flooring for your needs. Plus, our superior oak flooring is crafted from only the finest materials, combining responsibly sourced Western European Oak on a plantation Hevea hardwood core, guaranteeing many years of enjoyment.


Durable options like polyurethane or oil-based finishes are typically recommended for their longevity and protection. We advise using specialist finishing products from Bona and Mohawk for the best results.

Sweep or vacuum your oak flooring to remove dust and debris. If spot cleaning is required, ensure the mop is well wrung out (moisture should evaporate within a minute) and avoid using everyday household cleaning products. Instead, you should use specialist oak flooring commercial cleaners.

Oak is an exceptionally durable material. However, it’s also a natural product, so you should take precautions to minimise scratches, such as using rugs, runners and felt furniture pads. Rugs and runners should only be used once the flooring has acclimatised to your home (8-12 weeks),and remember to avoid wearing high heels indoors and refrain from sliding or rolling furniture across your floor.

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