White Oak Wood Flooring

Transform your space with the timeless beauty of white oak flooring. Experience the elegance, durability, and versatility that only white oak can offer. Elevate your home with a flooring solution from Oaksmith that combines natural charm and lasting quality. 

Explore the benefits of white oak, where sophistication meets enduring appeal. Within the Oaksmith collection of white oak flooring options, you’re sure to discover the perfect foundation for your own unique style. Browse our selection and redefine your living spaces with white oak wood flooring.


White oak flooring offers durability, a timeless aesthetic, resistance to decay, versatility in design, and compatibility with various styles, making it a popular and enduring flooring choice.

White oak flooring requires no more special maintenance than any other oak flooring. We recommend regular sweeping, occasional damp mopping with a specialised wood floor cleaner (such as products from Bona and Mohawk), and prompt cleaning of spills.

Engineered white oak flooring consists of a real oak veneer on top of a plantation hardwood core, providing increased stability and resistance to moisture. Solid white oak wood flooring is made entirely of solid oak but is susceptible to more significant expansion and contraction due to changes in humidity.

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