At Oaksmith Flooring, we offer a comprehensive range of accessories tailored for cleaning, adhesive application, and flawless installation, ensuring your wood flooring remains stunning for years to come.

Revitalise your wooden flooring with our essential accessories. Explore our Bona cleaning products designed to maintain and enhance the natural beauty of your floors. Ensure a flawless installation with our premium adhesives, providing a strong and durable bond.



Our wooden floor adhesive stands out for its superior bonding strength and versatility. Formulated for optimal performance, it ensures a durable and lasting bond, suitable for various wood types. Easy to apply with our recommended trowels, this adhesive guarantees a seamless installation, providing the perfect foundation for your stunning wood flooring.

Bona Oak floor cleaner is said to be meticulously crafted to preserve the natural beauty of Oak wood, effectively removing dirt and maintaining a polished finish. Its specially formulated solution ensures gentle yet powerful cleaning, leaving your Oak floors looking pristine without compromising their integrity. We trust Bona wooden floor cleaner for a reliable and effective solution to keep your Oak wood flooring in impeccable condition.

The recommended trowel plays a crucial role in ensuring an even and efficient application of adhesive during installation. Its design and notched edges facilitate precise spreading, promoting a strong and consistent bond between the flooring and substrate. Following our guidelines for trowel selection guarantees a seamless installation process, contributing to the long-lasting integrity of your wood floors.

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